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Best Time to Visit Laos

Short Answer: The best time to visit Laos is between late September and February

Longer Answer: The rainy season turns towards the dry season sometime in October. By November, the weather is dried out and the visitor numbers start to climb. Weather stays nice through February (although cold up north). By March, temperatures start to rise and agricultural burning begins causing a haze. Temperatures continue the uncomfortable rise into May. Rains cool things a bit in June, and are more pronounced by July. From July onwards, the landscape becomes quite green and river travel is possible (through February). Arriving by late-September into October, while still not perfectly dry, can give a nice mix of green landscapes and nice weather. November the weather shapes up perfectly and continues onwards.

The only months I would thus avoid for traveling to Laos would be late March through May due to the smokey skies and high temperatures, and perhaps July through early September unless you want to go for landscapes and animal life (and rain).

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Laos

Lao Airlines used to run a bunch of old, problematic Russian & Chinese aircraft and had a poor safety record. The fleet has been upgraded and the safety records are rather fine now. Just ensure you are flying on a non-Chinese plane as there are some reports that they still use some.

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