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Below are my notes for visiting Ireland. These travel tips, such as the best time to visit Ireland are obtained from a variety of sources including some of the following: my first hand observations, personal conversations, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth. Whenever I hear something that interests me about Ireland, I jot it down here. Hope this comes in handy.

Best Time to Visit Ireland

Short Answer: Visit Ireland May through September when the weather is a bit better and warmer.

Longer Answer: May and September, as usually the case, will have less tourists about. June is your second best bet. July and August will be more of the high season nonsense. October, November, March and April should be fine to visit although obviously it will be a little cooler. If you are a cheapskate or want to experience warming up and getting dry in a pub, then go in the winter. Otherwise, it is probably best to avoid the December through February timeframe.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Ireland

Guinness Tour in Dublin is pretty touristy (as I guess you’d expect). It is more of a museum feel than anything else and not terribly interesting. There is a view at the top where you get a pint of Guinness and that I think is probably most people’s favourite part.

Road trip – 1500 mile route “Wild Atlantic Way” or Sky Road (for mini-trip). Check out large surf waves at Mullaghmore Head.

Check out the Carrick-a-Rede bridge in County Antrim

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