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Visiting Iraq? You have found my personal notes and travel tips, such as the best time to visit Iraq and miscellaneous facts which I obtain from a variety of sources such as first hand observations, personal conversations, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth.

Best Time to Visit Iraq

Short Answer: March, April, Mid-October to November

Longer Answer: You’ll want to avoid the Mid-May to Mid-October timeframe if you don’t like extreme heat. The winter, November through February, is mild in many parts and experiences slightly elevated rainfall. The rainfall is moreso a problem in the higher elevations in the northeast. It doesn’t post much of an issue in places elsewhere, such as a Baghdad. In the south of Iraq, in places such as Basra, expect even warmer temperatures in the summer. Thus, the best time to visit most of Iraq is March, April and Mid-October to November but if you are visiting the southern parts, you might want to lean more towards March and November.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Iraq

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