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Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Short Answer: The best time to visit Indonesia would be generally between April and October.

Longer Answer: For the most part, temperatures are pretty stable in Indonesia. Rather, the larger concern is the wet and dry season timing. Thus, the best time is going to be between April and October, with the sweetest spot in the middle of that range.

If you are visiting Bali, you won’t really want to visit from mid-November to mid-March as that is when the most rain is falling. The best time is as noted above but if you are looking to dodge high season populations, then try for May through late-June and September into early October. July and August are nice months to go but will have the most visitors.

If you are visiting Southern Sumatra, such as Palembang, you will want to shoot for June through September, with August typically being the driest month. You will want to avoid this area November through April as that is when the most rain falls.

If you are visiting Western Sumatra, such as Padang, I would avoid October through December as those are rainiest. However, this area receives a consistent amount of rain year-round so the rest of the year will also be rainy, just not as much.

If you are visiting Northern Sumatra, such as Medan, you’ll be good going between January and May, with the best time being February. Generally I’d avoid Northern Sumatra from mid-September to December due to heavier rains. However, like Western Sumatra, it is rainy year around and this shouldn’t necessarily cause you not to go.

If you are visiting Jakarta, try for May to October, with the best time to visit being mid-June to September.

Lastly, the best time to visit Kalimantan, the best time to go would be during July through September as they are the driest month. Expect the most rain to fall between Mid-November to May

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Indonesia

Sunda Islands: Head to Kalimantan (the Indonesian side of Borneo) while its still raw and worthwhile. Good for wildlife such as the orangatan and the cultural aspects of the ancient cultures here. Travel around via boat (klotoks) where you can sleep on board. Island no longer has headhunting problems which is nice. Unfortunately, now the problem is natural resource extraction such as logging, mining and so forth. The government also has earmarked it for settlements and tourism. (Tana Toraja might be worth looking into).

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