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The best time to visit Hungary and other travel tips. I obtain these travel ideas from a variety of sources such as first hand observations while visiting, personal conversations with locals or others, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth. Enjoy!

Best Time to Visit Hungary

Short Answer: March through mid-November

Longer Answer: If you are visiting Budapest, then I’d say anytime of the year will be a good time to visit. January and February can be cold but you’ll have it to yourself. March through April is a great time to visit with warming weather and plants coming into bloom. Sometime in May the rain picks up through the summer. However, May into early-June are nice times to visit before more tourists appear. July is hot, high season and the locals leave on vacation. August is hot and high season. That said, summer will be fine to visit, but that is what you are dealing with. September and October are great times to visit Hungary. November is nice especially if you shoot for the earlier half. December is good if you want to visit the Christmas festivities/markets.

If you are looking to visit throughout Hungary, then I’d say go between March and October generally. The high season summer which impacts Budapest doesn’t hit the countryside. Meanwhile, when you don’t have the activities, Christmas markets and such of Budapest, the gray cold weather offers less to be excited about when not in Budapest.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Hungary

I really appreciate the interior design of the restaurants and bars in Budapest. It has been a bit since I was there but the ruin pubs were quite fun for this as well.

As for getting to Budapest, I have entered Budapest via rail connections from Belgrade and from bus via Zagreb.

Hungary is known for its salami if you are so inclined.

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