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The best time to visit Honduras and other travel tips. I obtain these travel ideas from a variety of sources such as first hand observations while visiting, personal conversations with locals or others, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth. Enjoy!

Best Time to Visit Honduras

Short Answer: The best time to visit Honduras is between January and April.

Longer Answer: The best time to visit the Bay Islands, for places such as Roatan and Utila, would be March and April with anytime between February and mid-May (although avoid times around Easter as is the case in most of Central America) fine. While they can be encountered all year off the coast of Honduras, March through May is one of the best times to see Whale Sharks. By Mid-May, humidity and rain starts to increase and clear skies start to increasingly give way to clouds and more overcast settings by the middle of the summer. Rain is at a maximum typically in October, so it is best not to visit between mid-September and end of November (which is also hurricane season). The rain subsides typically in January or early February. If snorkeling and diving, the rain causes a drop in visibility. As for water temperature, that will fluctuate between 80-85F (27-30C) with the low end of the range around January and the high end around July.

For the western parts of Honduras, such as exploring the ruins of Copan, the best time to go is between December and April, when the skies are clear, the rain is at a minimum and the temperatures are very comfortable. Avoid June through Mid-October when rain and overcast skies will be at their peak.

For the central parts of Honduras, such as the capital city, avoid May through October. The best time to visit this region is December through April, although note that April is typically one of the hottest months, with average temperatures around 85F/30C.

The best time to visit the Fonseca Gulf, located on Honduras’ short southern patch of coastline, would be December through March is looking for lower humidity and anytime between November and April to escape the rainy season.

Generally for hiking, I prefer the time frame just after the rainy season when landscapes are green. This is also before you’ll encounter brush fires which can diminish your views.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Honduras

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