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The best time to visit Guatemala and other travel tips. I obtain these travel ideas from a variety of sources such as first hand observations while visiting, personal conversations with locals or others, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth. Enjoy!

Best Time to Visit Guatemala

Short Answer: Mid-November through Mid-March

Longer Answer: Generally, the best time to visit Guatemala is between mid-November and mid-March.

In Guatemala City and Antigua, the dry season runs from November through April, with the least rain falling between December and March. The December through mid-March timeframe is also when humidity is at its lowest and thus most comfortable. Visiting in November and December will obviously yield lusher greens than visiting towards the end of dry season if that matters to you. Sometime in March, the clear skies start to grow more overcast and hazy. Due to the elevation, temperatures are generally comfortable all year round, and can be cooler than you might expect for Central America at night.

Thus, the best time for visiting places like Guatemala City and Antigua would be once the rains stop (Mid-Nov) and before the haze begins (Mid-March). Once the rains kick in, the haze dissipates. Visiting in rainy season can make some transportation difficult but generally you should have decent weather for at least half the day.

On Guatemala’s Pacific coast, the weather pattern is generally the same as noted above, expect the temperatures are much hotter. As such, it makes December through February the best time by far to visit as it is coolest and least humid.

On the small strip of Atlantic coast of Guatemala, the temperatures are warm but less than what is typically on the Pacific coast. From a precipitation standpoint, February through April are the driest. However, when factoring in humidity and temperature, December through February are still most comfortable from that standpoint. As such, for the Atlantic coast, late-January into February is the best time.

For northern chunk which consists of rainforests, the best time to visit Guatemala from a weather perspective would be mid-December through April when rain is tapering off and the humidity, while no where close to dry, is at its lowest. However, realistically, you should visit February through March once the ground has dried out so you aren’t tromping through mud. It gets increasingly hot into April and May.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Guatemala

Coffee Harvesting takes place November through March. Guatemalan coffee is one of my favourites generally.

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