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Best Time to Visit Ghana

Short Answer: December, January, July and August

Longer Answer: In southern Ghana, July and August are when the temperatures fall to something more comfortable and the rain decreases. Unfortunately, this is also high season and so you won’t be alone. If you don’t mind the heat, then November through mid-March are dry seasons (but hot) and part of a low season.

The best time to visit northern Ghana depends on whether you want to opt for cooler temperatures or less rain. If you want less rain, choose November through mid-March. If you want less heat, you will want to visit July through September but with that comes a lot of rain. Thus, once you factor in humidity, the best time to visit northern Ghana is December and January.

For surfing, go April to August.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Ghana

Yellow Fever & Malaria precautions a good idea

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