Tak's Travel Tips & When to Visitthe Gaza Strip of Palestine.....

The Gaza Strip is a part of Palestinian territory on the Mediterranean coastline that Israel essentially has mostly blocked off, with some assistance from Egypt, except for an intricate tunnel system. An airport was built in 1998 so that international visitors could travel here but it was destroyed by the Israeli military two years later. There is also a naval blockade so access via ship is not much of an option. Thus, your only option is the land crossings.

Best Time to Visit the Gaza Strip of Palestine

Short Answer: Year-around

Longer Answer: April through October is the dry part of the year. While rains are more apt to occur between November and March, you shouldn’t expect deluges or anything of the sort. If you are going to be hiking a lot, then I think you should avoid mid-July through August.

April, May and mid-September to October are nice times of the year with dry weather and not as hot.

For beach activities, water temperatures are nice from June to mid-November.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for the Gaza Strip of Palestine

Don’t expect to just waltz into the Gaza Strip. Israel controls the northern border crossing and Egypt runs the southern crossing. Often you need a letter or documentation showing you are part of a volunteer effort or NGO. Research this before going.

Israel fires rockets into the Gaza Strip so be aware of that.

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