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Equatorial Guinea is a good place for wildlife biodiversity and natural beaches although it carries a lot of stigma with it due to its autocratic rule and alleged corruption. Equatorial Guinea is a very rich nation (primarily due to oil, of which is it a top producer in Africa) with the majority of its population impoverished. Outside of natural gas and oil, the country produces coffee and cacao.

Bioko, an island closer off the coast of Cameroon, is where the current quiet capital of Malabo is. However, due to concerns of the ruling class about potential takeovers made easier by being in a coastal island location, a large swatch of rainforest was bulldozed and a brand new city (Djibloho aka Oyala) built (replete with 5 star hotels, governmental buildings and such) deep in the mainland’s interior. I would believe the capital will move there shortly.

Hotels run at rates more typical in the western world, so expect in the $100s USD per night if going that route.

Best Time to Visit Equatorial Guinea

Short Answer: December and January for Bioko. July for the mainland.

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Equatorial Guinea’s island of Bioko would be the dry months of December and January. Peak rainfall occurs June through September with over 10 inches (25cm) of monthly rain. Early February and late November can be fine as well.

If you are visiting the Equatorial Guinea mainland (coastal or interior), then December and January are your second best option after mid-June through August, with July being the sweet spot for being the driest month.

No matter when you go, expect humid air and warm/hot temperatures. Water temperatures are warm year round as well.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Equatorial Guinea

The majority of people speak Spanish, although some French and to a lesser extent English is used

It is currently pretty easy for US (and I believe Barbados) citizens to gain entry to Equatorial Guinea. The rest of the world has to jump through more hoops.

Moraka Playa, a black sand beach on the island where different turtle species lay eggs, is said to be a nice beach on Bioko.

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