Tak's Travel Tips & When to Visitthe Democratic Republic of Congo.....

The Democratic Republic of Congo is also known as DR Congo or the DRC.

Best Time to Visit the Democratic Republic of Congo

Short Answer: North of the equator: January or February. South of the Equator: June through August

Longer Answer: Generally most say that the best time to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo is July, with June and August also being great choices. However, you will also find two conflicting bits of information. First, is the that DR of Congo has different weather north and south, and the other, that the whole country experiences the same seasons. Thus, either January and February are drier months in the north, or drier months countrywide. Similarly, either June through August are dry in the south, or dry everywhere.

The most I can say is that Kinshasa, the capital and largest city, is best in July as it is cooler in the June through August period and has, generally, less rain.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for the Democratic Republic of Congo

Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a great place to see mountain gorillas.

Hike Mount Nyiragongo to check out the bubbling lava, especially after dark.

Political situation is typically a bit shaky and you might need to be escorted by armed guides. If that unnerves you, you might want to go elsewhere.

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