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Best Time to Visit Cyprus

Short Answer: Cyprus should have comfortable weather from mid-March to Mid-June, October & November, and clear but hot weather in July and August.

Longer Answer: Cyprus is a sunny place and even in winter (January, etc.) daytime temps are typically in the 60s. Thus, going year round is totally reasonable as long as you aren’t expecting to lounge at the beach and go swimming.

Rainfall dips to a low point in the middle of summer (July), with June to September the driest. However, total rainfall is minimal with most of it falling in December and January (roughly only a total of 8mm/3.5″ in those months).

Water temperatures in Cyprus are nice from June to November, although doable in some of the other months if you are okay with a more bracing temperature.

Mid-June through August can be quite hot so while it is good for swimming and such, it makes hiking a little less than comfortable.

As such, the best time to visit Cyprus would be determined if you are looking for comfortable weather for hiking and such or just hanging by the water. Mid-March through May in the Spring in nice and comfortable. October and November can be pleasant to almost summer temps (in parts of October) with the water still warm. If you want to swim and laze by the water in Cyprus, then anything from mid-May into November should suffice.

Note that between January and March, some tourist accomodations and such will be closed.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Cyprus

Buy some olive oil

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