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The best time to visit Colombia and other travel tips. I obtain these travel ideas from a variety of sources such as first hand observations while visiting, personal conversations with locals or others, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth. Enjoy!

Best Time to Visit Colombia

Short Answer: December to March, although year round is doable.

Longer Answer: Generally December to March is the dry season. Further, the wet season generally isn’t day long downpours that prevent you from doing anything. Due to the different elevations, different parts of Colombia have different weather. However, since Colombia is pretty much on the equator, temperatures are relatively constant in each place.

Easter is a busy, peak period in Colombia, as is the time around Carnival (January/February).

Bogota, Colombia sees the most rain in March, April, September and October, with the driest months December through February. That said, June through August is when you have the least chance of thunderstorms but you’ll have more very light rain than in the December through February timeframe. Thus, to avoid the major rains, choose December through February or June through August. Temperatures (Highs 67F/19C) are pretty much the same all year round.

Medellin, Colombia sees the most rain in April, May, September, October and early November, with the driest months December through February. Temperatures (Highs 70F/21C) are pretty much the same all year round.

Cartagena, Colombia sees the most rain in May through November, peaking in September, with the driest months late-December through March. Temperatures (Highs 87F/35.5C) are pretty much the same all year round.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Colombia

Check out the islands of Providencia and San Adres for great snorkeling. Both of these are in an archipelago off the coast of Nicaragua and every now and then Nicaragua brings Panama to court or otherwise to try to take control. However, they offer great water activities. Unfortunately, they are far and you must fly in from Panama City or any of the major Colombia cities.

If you want good snorkeling without flying to islands far off, check out the beach towns of Capurgana and Sapzurro. Besides the water activities/beaches, you can hike between the towns if you really want to (or take a 15 minute boat), there are no cars (think motorcycles and boats) and you can visit the San Blas Islands of Panama in a day or overnight.

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