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Best Time to Visit Cape Verde

Short Answer: Fine anytime of year

Longer Answer: Green season: September to January. Windy season: October to May. Wet Season: July through October. Warmest in September. Coldest in February. High Temperatures go from 75F to 85F (24C to 30C). Low (night) temperatures 66F to 76F (19C to 25C).

There is much variability between islands. Generally the islands are going to have wind which keeps any mosquitoes away. Certain islands are windier and wetter.

Rainy season usually doesn’t ruin the trip so don’t be too nervous about that. It is possible to have flooding on certain islands and that would be the one exception. However, sometimes it goes for long periods with rain in the rainy season or will just have quick bursts.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands range widely in elevation due to the volcanic makeup. Thus, the ecosystems and look of different islands can vary widely.

From North to South, with the cooler Barlavento islands and the warmer Sotavento islands.

The following are the islands of Barlavento:
Santo Antao: Vegetation, Mountains,
Sao Vicente: Culture, Art, Festivals, Remote-Nature Surfing. Mindelo major port town.
Sao Nicolau: Best for hiking, biking, outdoors, abandoned towns.
Sal: Tourist Hub, Flat, Dry, Sun, Sand. Surfing in wind season. Santa Maria is a tourist beach town.
Boa Vista: Sand, beach, sun. A developing island. A quieter version of Sal.

The following are the islands of Sotavento
Maio: Dry, great beaches, quiet, birds, pottery. Fly in/out from Santiago.
Santiago: Biggest island, a little of everything
Fogo: High elevation, wetter, active volcano, hiking
Brava: Small, Moist, Green, Walking

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