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Burundi has a good share of parks, wildlife and inland beaches. That said, it is an impoverished country which seems to never catch a break; seemingly always stuck in the grips of political instability, natural disasters or otherwise. As such, caution (or researching current events before arrival) and travel experience is greatly advised. On the other hand, I believe these kinds of situations have high reward potential if navigated well.

Best Time to Visit Burundi

Short Answer: mid-May to mid-October

Longer Answer: Temperatures are suitable all year long but there is a wet and dry season. The dry season runs sometime from May/June to Sept/October. The west season occurs on the other half. However, the wet season rains are generally modest, close to what one might experience in a given month in New York City. Thus, in reality, it should be fine to visit Burundi anytime of the year. However, if you detest precipitation, shoot for June, July and August.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Burundi

As of the end of 2016, a visa for a US citizen (which can be obtained at the airport in Burundi or ahead of time) was $90 for a 30 day visit or $40 for a 2 day visit.

Check out Ruvubu National Park for great wildlife, flora and scenery.

Lake Rwihinda Natural Reserve is great for birdwatching

Visit coffee and tea plantations which are some of Burundi’s primary exports

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