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Best Time to Visit Botswana

Short Answer: June to August

Longer Answer: November into April is the rainy season (with November and December being relatively fine), with an end sometime in March or April. Generally most first-timers avoid this season unless (1) they are visiting the Okavango (May through August is great for you) or (2) heading to the Kalihari parks whereby wildlife spotting is quite good, especially given this is the timeframe when a lot of young animals are being born. However, this could actually be a pretty good time to go if you are looking for value or appreciate green scenery.

The downside of the rainy season is obviously the rain storms themselves and the happy mosquitoes while the upside is the aforementioned green landscapes and birds. Further, you can still find the wildlife, they are just more hidden.

Sometime in March or April through October are dry months. Mid-April through May (sometimes June is priced lower as well) is a good shoulder season with lower pricing (than the oncoming high season), great temperatures and weather and a landscape which isn’t totally parched.

The June through August timeframe can present cold nights but otherwise this whole timeframe should be relatively dry with clear skies. Further, by June or so, the Delta has topped off with water making its way from the Angolan highlands. This timeframe is a great time for wildlife viewing with September through mid-October being the easiest as everything is parched (albeit dusty and hot) at this time (making finding animals easier).

If green landscapes or birds are what you are looking for, or if you don’t like hot weather, then September and October aren’t as great.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Botswana

Some find it a great idea to combine Botswana safari with those in neighboring countries, such as Botswana and Zambia, South Africa or Zimbabwe, etc.

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