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Below are my notes for visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. These travel tips for visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina are obtained from a variety of sources including some of the following: my first hand observations, personal conversations, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth.

Roughly speaking, Bosnia is the northern piece and Herzegovina is the southern piece. However, commonly speaking amongst outsiders, most people just refer to the whole area as Bosnia.

Best Time to Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

Short Answer: April through October with the best being Mid-April through May and September through Mid-October in my opinion.

Longer Answer: From mid-November through early March, Bosnia is cold. The upside of this season is the economical skiing which is starting to catch on more.

From sometime in March through sometime in November, the temperatures in places like Sarajevo are quite nice. Because of the mountains, temperatures and weather can change drastically but generally this whole season is a nice time to visit Bosnia. (June through August do experience more thunderstorms)

Meanwhile, in Herzegovina, the winters are much more mild and the summers much hotter. As such, Herzegovina is cold, but not overly so, in the December through February timeframe. From March through mid-June it is quite comfortable. From late June through August, the temperatures are quite high (90’s/30+C’s) although nights are comfortable. September through October the temperatures get comfortable again.

Thus, all in all, unless you are interested in skiing, and given the assumption you want to visit all of the country, the best times would be mid-April through May, and September through mid-October.

If you wish to swim in Montenegro or Croatia and then combine that with a Bosnian adventure, then I’d suggest doing those in September.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Eat cevapcici, burek, sarma and pljeskavica. Herzegovina produces nice wines. Find some good fruit brandy, called rakeja, in Bosnia. Bus travel isn’t terribly cheap but can be quite scenic. Train travel between Sarajevo and Mostar was running when I was there and you can do Mostar in a day trip if that was your wish.

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