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Best Time to Visit Bonaire

Short Answer: January to December

Longer Answer: Bonaire’s high season would be mid-December to mid-April. The weather is nice during this timeframe, although the early part of this range is still rainy season. Rainy season in Bonaire usually is just quick (but strong) showers that often come at night. The downside to these are the mosquitoes they help. The upside is that mosquitoes hate the trade winds that blow in Bonaire. All in all, these are great months to visit.

From April through June or so is a great time to visit as crowds are less, prices lower and weather nice. Visitor numbers start rising for the bargains in the June through August timeframe. July and August can feel quite hot.

The trade winds lessen or die sometime between August and November. While fine for diving, it makes things feel considerably hotter. If they are blowing, all is well. Hurricanes generally are not going to hit Bonaire so not much to be worried about there.

If you are diving, pretty much anytime of the year is good.

An upside to visiting between May and October is that cruiseships generally aren’t pulling into port. It is always good to look at when these things are showing up before planning your vacation. You can look at the cruise ship calendar beforehand.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Bonaire

Bonaire has great diving.

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