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Best Time to Visit Belgium

Short Answer: April, May, September, October

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Belgium would be, in my opinion, May or September. As is often the case with Europe, the mid-June through August timeframe can suffer from too many tourists and the higher prices that go along with it. From mid-March you can score nice weather (or not) and your chances seem to improve as time goes forward. By November or so, the weather can start feeling more wintery. I don’t think the winter is a terrible time to visit most places in Europe but if you are looking for the best time to visit Belgium (in regards to crowds, weather, pricing, etc), then stick with the May or September timeframe.

(And if you for whatever reason want to go to the Belgium coast, places like Ostend, Belgium, then I’d say put more weight into the September idea and less into the April/May timeframe.)

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Belgium

My feelings on Brussels was that it was a very nice city that lacked some energy. I felt like it was a Paris without the people. That said, there is good seafood, good fries, good sour beers and easy connection to Paris and Amsterdam using the Thalys train which is quite affordable if you book ahead.

And of course, there is much more to Belgium than Brussels. I’ve also been out through the Belgian countryside and it is nice scenery with good roads, etc.

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