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Best Time to Visit the Bahamas

Short Answer: May, Late November

Longer Answer: Mid-November through May are good times to visit the Bahamas with certain exceptions. December through mid-April would be the popular, high-rate, high season, with late December being Christmas & New Years break and March being when the spring break kids show up. The summer is when the thunderstorms and rain kick into action although these are not the kind of rains that turn into multi-day affairs. But the rain, added to the hot weather turns things steamy through September. The heavier rains lessen progressively through the end of October/beginning of November.

I don’t really care about hurricane season but regardless, the hurricane season in the Bahamas also falls in that June to mid-November timeframe.

As such, your best bet is to show up in May (earlier is better than later as thunderstorms increase nearer to June) or in late November…unless you don’t mind high rates and booking ahead in which case the Bahamas weather is great in December, January and February.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for the Bahamas

Big Major Cay: Swimming Pigs (although idiotic tourists killed some pigs and now there are regulations swirling)

Eat Conch Fritters

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