Tak's Travel Tips & When to Visitthe Azores.....

The Azores is an island chain located in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Portugal.

Best Time to Visit the the Azores

Short Answer: April through October

Longer Answer: Because of the location of the Azores (in the middle of the sea on the jet stream) there are a couple things to say. First off, the different islands are apt to have different weather, with the western islands somewhat wetter. However, the temperatures are comfortable all year long, cooler in the winter (November to February) and warmer in the summer.

Ocean temperatures are best experiences in the April through October timeframe even though the Azores are not technically a beach-focused destination. Wildflowers are good in the April and May months. Walking and hiking are good year round.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for the Azores

Whales and dolphins hang out in the waters, with different species coming and going depending on the year. Further, the costs are affordable in the Azores.

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