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Best Time to Visit Antigua

One of the nice features with Antigua is being in the path of the trade winds which means many days will have a nice breeze.

Mid-December to Easter/April: temperatures are nicest and the chance of thunderstorms is low. This is high-season, so prices are higher.
April to May: Nice shoulder season
June to July: Good time if money is the concern – toastier nights.
August to October: Probability-speaking, this is typically when hurricanes and tropical storms hit but still aren’t a common thing. September is also when the trades wind tend to die, so this is probably the time I would least want to go. Further, if places close, this is the season when they do.
November to Mid-December: Another good shoulder season. Some say November is the hurricane season. A look at the data suggest this claim is nonsense. Sure, a hurricane can hit Antigua in November, but history puts most of them in the August and September timeframe.

It is generally a low rainfall island, so precipitation shouldn’t be a major driver of the decision.

Avoid Antigua during sailing week in April or go specifically for it.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Antigua

Lots of great beaches.

Visit the Antigua Distillery and buy some English 5 Year Harbour Rum

Barbuda is very much undeveloped and worth a visit if you have time or enjoy birds. Barbuda is accessible from Antigua by boat & airplane and can be done in a (long) day-trip.

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