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Visiting Antarctica? You have stumbled upon my notes for such. These travel tips for visiting Antarctica are obtained from my first hand experience as I have spent approximately two months over two excursions in Antarctica.

I will try to add much more here in the future but for now I have to keep this simple.

First off, from an Antarctica dress perspective, you need layers. You will want a thin thermal base layer, a middle layer like a fleece jacket and a top waterproof layer. I only used the base layer in extra-cold places. You will also want waterproof rainpants and potentially more than one pair or a method to repair holes from rocks, etc. (this could be as simple as duct tape in a pinch). Check with your ship whether they supply boots or not. Generally I do not recommend insulated boots but that is up to you.

You will want a wet bag to store your contents in for landings. You will want face/neck protection such as a balaclava and obviously something to keep your hands warm – and perhaps something with more dexterity but less warming capability in order to operate your camera(s).

I have opened the comments on this page in case you have questions.

Best Time to Visit Antarctica

Really you are limited to the austral Summer, or roughly November through March or thereabouts. Earlier in the season you may have issues with ice-floes blocking your paths making ship sailing less efficient. As the season goes on, the wildlife will go from mating to birthing to rearing. Generally the best time to go is in the middle of the range – late January to early February for a good mix of light, weather and wildlife.

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