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Best Time to Visit Anguilla

From a weather perspective, Anguilla generally has great weather all year around. If you are hurricane and storm paranoid, then you shouldn’t be visiting Anguilla from September to November.

Generally things get quiet and places will close in the September and October timeframe so those are really the times that would be least recommended.

If money is no issue, visit anytime between November and August, with mid-December through March or so being peak season. During peak season you can expect quick rain showers and winds out of the east. To reduce expenses, visit Anguilla after the northern hemisphere winter – say April through August, or visit November through mid-December, which is what I would recommend if you are coming from someplace cold.

As mentioned, rain storms are very quick and not much rain falls on Anguilla in general. If it starts to rain just wait a little while.

Other Random Notes about Anguilla

English is the language and USD are accepted just as much as XCD. There really isn’t much of a need to get XCD and in fact it might be more confusing unless grocery shopping. I always get out the local currency but in Anguilla there really is no need.

It is very simple and quick to visit Saint Martin, the French side, and its southern Dutch side, Sint Maarten via ferry from Anguilla. They are quite close to Anguilla with a ferry only taking 20 minutes or so.

There may be a ferry as well to St Barts. In 2019, there is a ferry that runs on Tuesday that allows you a day trip to St Barts by a company called Calypso.

The public ferry from Marigot costs roughly $20 each way as of 2019. Also you will have a $5 departure tax from Marigot and an approx $24 departure tax from Anguilla. Most of these islands have departure taxes, they are just hidden in your airfare – so these departure taxes are not outliers.

Rental cars can easily be obtained in Anguilla and I highly suggest them as there isnt a public bus service and taxis are expensive. You have to pay $15 to $25 for a drivers license (more of a tax than a safety mechanism) depending if you are going to drive 72 hours or less. If more than 72 hours, it is $25. Anguilla drives on the left.

Scooter rentals are available but not a very popular means of transportation in Anguilla.

The two main supermarkets are called Best Buy. The groceries are priced in XCD.

Most of the Anguilla beaches are beautiful.

I estimate it takes about 45 minutes to get from one end to the other generally, perhaps a little less.

Locals are friendly and the island isn’t “too touristy”. The resorts and beaches are generally moreso and the interior very much less so.

Bottle of Beer $3-$5USD. Cocktails approx $10USD. Sandwich $7 to $15. (2019)

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