#069: Saigon Showers [Vietnam] Part IVTak's dispatch released on 18 May 2016

The clouds want to talk—you can tell they do—but everytime you think they might, they refuse. You pretend like you don’t care, but you do. You quicken your step, around the corner with broken concrete blocks wedged at various diaganols to each other. The continuous hum, or is it a roar, of motorbikes, are they getting quieter?

Bollywood DVDs with their faded covers and stacked neatly on a rickety lime green cart with oversized wheels is pushed in front of you. You decline, naturally, which makes him more persistent. If not DVDs, perhaps a taxi, a tour guide, a menu? You continue briskly. You glance at the clouds, darkening with a heavy heart.

The strips of marinated beef over rice sits in the white styrofoam container, rubber band intact. She slides it into a small plastic shopping bag, chased by several bags full of liquids. She wants $1.50 for it which, despite your approval, is surely marked up.

When you were a child, you remember the familiar sights of the county fair, and the several occassions at the pet store, small fish swimming in water, with a protective atmosphere of clear plastic and tied carefully at the top. But instead of fish, there is a dark sauce, a caramel-coloured flecked sauce and a third bag with some sort of cucumber-like vegetable and broth—a soup of some sort.

It hits you. The clouds steadfast refusal has broken. You pick up your pace, bag in hand, and move across the park. It could use a refresh you think, for all the activity around, it is somehow sleeping. One last road to cross as the vehicles slide by; you wait for a brief moment. That next step is taken, and you have immersed into the ecosystem of the street. Your decision adds yet another layer of chaos, but it just works. The oncoming motorbikes swerve effortlessly around as you ensure a constant pace. One pause adds a very real chaos to the perceived, and that is when it all comes unglued.

When you decide a direction and a speed, do not waver.

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