The ANA Business Lounge in Naha, OkinawaTak's dispatch released on 30 June 2015

Just a couple photos from the ANA Business Lounge in Naha, Okinawa.

The ANA business lounge in Naha is a small lounge but, nicely, is not filled to the gills with people as is the case at some other lounges. When it was opened, the estimates were that it would serve 150 people a day. It has 41 chairs. So, for most of the time, you are going to have a quiet atmosphere. The seats are comfortable, there is ample power connections and there is WiFi. I believe it is the WiFi where you have to log-in through a portal which are annoying, but it worked fine.

There can be a wait for the bathroom with a typical automated, heated-seat Japanese toilet. I only saw one bathroom but there might be another somewhere.

The ANA business lounge in Naha Offers a copy machine, phone booths, some reading material and a lot of cubicle type seating.

ANA Lounge Naha Counter ANA Lounge Naha Drinks

In the afternoon there may be cookies (or so I heard). In the morning, you have vegetable and tomato juice, soda, beer and Awamori. No food.

ANA Lounge Naha Okinawa View ANA Lounge Naha Okinawa

Not much really to it. It was okay for what it was. I wouldn’t go out of your way to get in here. It is a conducive lounge to getting work done, that is for sure. But make sure you eat something before showing up because this isn’t the place for a lounge-style meal.

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