How To: Take the Express Des Iles FerryTak's dispatch released on 13 January 2016

This post is for describing how to take the Express Des Iles ferry from Guadeloupe to Dominica and Martinique.

I highly recommend booking the ticket online at // as the ticket counters can move very slowly. You will need to input your passport info but you might need to guess as to the translation. The English version of site does not work for the booking form. However, it seems you only need to get the major details correct.


Check in for the Express des Iles ferry begins one hour before departure. Heavy bags are checked at this point. The line moves rather efficiently.

You need your booking confirmation number. It does not need to be printed out.


Next you go to the Departure point for Guadeloupe Immigrations. This leads out to the ferry.

image image

Pretty simple overall.

The port you want is named “port de ponte a pitre”. The entrance you want is the western entrance by the bus station.

If you are traveling to Dominica, get off the boat first in line as the Immigrations and Customs process is lengthy. It can easily be an hour.

Customs dogs and full bag searches can be expected. Fruit, alcohol, drugs, birds and toy guns are not allowed.

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