Get from DAL to DFW via Mass TransitTak's dispatch released on 21 January 2015

Of course you can take a taxi, or even do a one-way car rental between Dallas Love Airport (DAL) and Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW), but just thought I’d make a quick post on how I got between the two (DFW to DAL) in late December 2014. This is the cheapest way to get between DFW and DAL Airport.

Exit Dallas Love Airport. Follow the signs (you can go either to the right or left) to the end of the sidewalk. In my case, I headed left and the pickup was at the very end of the sidewalk, but I noticed a pick-up point nearer to the terminal exit to the right.

Wait for the shuttle bus to show up. You are looking for DART Bus #524 which brings you to the Orange Line. I didn’t have exact change (which is needed on the DART Bus) but the intelligent driver allowed me (thankfully) to buy my ticket at the train station. He also informed me of a weekday mid-day discount ticket which I got (I believe it was $1.75 rather than $2.50).

Anyways, get the #524. It will bring you directly to the Orange Line terminal. Find a ticket machine, buy a ticket, and go up to the tracks above. The track to DFW is the same side the bus drops you off at. It looks out at a Mexican Restaurant. The track is marked if you are perceptive.

Take the Orange Line train all the way to DFW terminal. From there, follow the signs (or take shuttle buses) to the terminal you need. Note that not all shuttle buses service all terminals, so ask before you get on.

If you are doing this in reverse, find the Orange Line train tracks at DFW’s Terminal A and then take it to the Inwood/Love Field Station and hop aboard the 524 shuttle (which only runs to Love Field).

For all the connections and other rigamarole, I’d budget about 90 minutes for getting between the two.

For schedules and a whole slew of hard to find and understand information, you can check out the official site here and here.

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