Delta T17T vs T17 Vero Shower Trim DifferenceTak's dispatch released on 16 February 2016

What is the difference between the Delta T17T053 and Delta T17053 Shower Trim?

For starters, the T17T053 is thermostatic and the T17053 is pressure-balanced. Next, the T17T is more expensive. You may do your research and feel that pressure-balanced is fine for your needs (which it probably is) and that you’d rather save the money. This post is not so much a review as it is an informational post (and I know, it has nothing to do with travel) because this information is not out there (and the information that is confuses the two parts, etc).

Also note that which this speaks specifically to the Vero, a Delta representative noted that in general this is accurate for most of the Delta T17T vs T17 products (not just Vero).

Here are how the Delta T17T053 Vero Trim and the Delta T17053 Vero Shower Trim compare:

Both are assembled in the USA. Delta has actually put together a PDF of what Delta Products are Made in the USA. You can find that here.

The main difference that I can see are two-fold:

(1) The Delta Vero T17T053 (Thermostatic) has a metal temperature control and a metal volume control. The Delta Vero T17053 (Pressure-Balanced) has a plastic temperature control and a metal volume control. To make the latter work, there is also a geared-plastic piece that is inset into the plastic handle. The temperature handle on the Delta Vero T17T053 (Thermostatic) shower feels sturdy and hefty. The temperature handle on the Delta Vero T17053 (Pressure-Balanced) is light, cheap and flimsy.

(2) The Delta Vero T17T053 (Thermostatic) utilizes a brass cartridge (Product#: RP47201). The Delta Vero T17053 (Pressure-Balanced) utilizes a plastic-cartridge which is prone to breakage (Product#: RP1740). There are two little plastic ears which, on my sample, snapped off. As such, I am very weary of the plastic cartridge.

There is a PDF of the two cartridges which you can find here. To summarize, if you buy a Delta Pressure-Balanced shower valve (regardless of the trim design) it is made of plastic. If you buy a Delta Thermostatic shower valve, it is made of brass. Huge difference.

As a final word of caution, some retailers will ship you the wrong valve trim kit and it is easy to confuse the two. As long as you take the above two notes into account, you shouldn’t be scammed. I ordered a T17T053 (Thermostatic) kit and received the T17053 (Pressure-Balanced) kit and was lucky enough to catch the error.

Hope that non-travel word of advice helps! And if you are in the mood to read some travel adventures, check them out at the Travel Blog.

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