Colombo Airport (CMB) Sri Lanka Left LuggageTak's dispatch released on 9 March 2015

The Colombo Airport Left Luggage desk at CMB Airport is a great service if you are looking to ditch your bags for a bit. For instance, if you are traveling into Sri Lanka and then round-tripping to the Maldives…you might not want to bring everything with you (although you could use the more expensive Maldivian left luggage in Male). The price is 100LKR (less than $1) a day. The price is the same regardless of size it seems.

After landing, go through customs (if you are in Sri Lanka for 2 days or less, you can apply for a free transit visa online before arrival) and exit the arrivals terminal. Head right once you get outside to the departures terminal. You will pass a couple guarded doorways to the airport and then on your right will be the Information Booth and a couple other windows. One of them will set you up for left luggage.

If you are already in Sri Lanka, the left luggage info desk is on the left hand side of the entrance to the departures terminal.

IMPORTANT: In order to use left luggage (at least when I have been there) you need to have your bag locked (they aren’t strict how you do it, or how credible the lock is, just that it is locked). You (or they) will drop it in a room, they will fill out paperwork and you leave. I left it there for nearly a week without any problems. It is really a great service.

Hope that helps

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Questions & Comments


  • Jasmine says:

    Hello! This may be a silly question but, I have a connecting flight from bkk to TRV in Cmb and then fly back into CMB 56 days later . Is it possible to leave my surfboard back in left luggage that long? And also my connection flight doesn’t get into Cmb until 10:55pm at night , will the left luggage desk be opened still then ? Thanks so much for your time! Jasmine

    • Tak says:

      Hey Jasmine. My recollection is that the left luggage is open all the time and that time shouldn’t be a problem. You might need to ask around because people aren’t always in the booth but someone should know where to find the right people.

      I think the biggest issue is that they have a rule that all luggage must be locked. I’m not sure how you lock a surfboard but maybe they have a different rule for that. The lock doesn’t have to pass any rigor, it just has to be locked in some fashion.

      As for timing, you should be able to leave things there for up to 90 days. After 90 days they have a policy that they can confiscate items.

      Another idea is perhaps you can find a hostel or couchsurfing contact near the airport and arrange something with them. Sri Lankans are very helpful and you should be able to figure something out. Even worst case (pretending you make no plans and just show up), I bet if you ask around at the airport someone would have a solution or be willing to help just because Sri Lankans are great like that.

      Report back, would love to know how it goes! Thanks for visiting.

      • Jasmine says:

        Hey! Got into Cmb at 11pm and just went straight to the left luggage area . It was super easy and my phone charger had broken and the guy that worked there let me use his charger and hang out for a bit ! He said usually they only hold things for 45 days but it was okay for me to leave it there for longer . Thanks for getting back to me ! Jasmine

  • Bharath says:

    Hi ! Can i leave my 4 check-in baggage at the left luggage since I am planning to stopover for 5 days and take them once I return and how long does it take to retrieve the baggage once am at airport . Is it kind of quick?

    Is this something owned by the airport authority to see if it is safe to keep things since I might carry gifts and dont want them to be misplaced

    • Tak says:

      Yes – there shouldn’t be a problem to leave your 4 checked bags at the left luggage for 5 days. When I was there, they required all bags be locked in some manner – so make sure you have a way to lock them. It is pretty quick to get the bags upon retrieval as long as there is someone in the booth. The booth should be open at all hours but sometimes the employee goes elsewhere and you have to locate them. But it should be relatively easy and quick generally.

      I believe the left luggage is owned by the airport and you shouldn’t have a problem although there are no guarantees in life so things could I suppose happen. The locks should further help that. I didn’t have any problems with it when I used the service.

      Hope that helps

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