Chaung Tha Hotels – Price List (Myanmar)Tak's dispatch released on 17 May 2015

These prices are for Chaung Tha Hotels and Guesthouses from the beginning of 2015 (High Season). Some of these prices are negotiations down from the asking price. In Chaung Tha, you should always negotiate the price because, as in most of Myanmar, they keep asking higher and higher prices to see if people will pay them. Negotiating and walking away if need be is the only way to keep this price explosion in check. You aren’t getting a lot for your money when compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Some of these may offer free breakfast or internet but I didn’t ask if I wasn’t interested much in the property. Many did not offer internet though. Also, town power is shut off for half the day all throughout town.

(located on the road before turning left towards town)
Sea & Sea: $15 for a double
Uncle Kyaw: $15 for a twin or double

(located on main road – mostly on the land side as beach side is more expensive)
Sein Mie Mie: $25 for a twin
Diamond Hotel: $65 for a twin
Htoo Kabar Motel: $35 for a double, $20 for a single
Shwe Ya Minn: $25 for a twin, $35 for a twin with AC. If booking two nights, $23/twin and $30/twin with AC. WiFi in lobby
Dream Light Guesthouse: $25 for a twin with fan
William Guesthouse: $20 for a twin with breakfast, no internet
Hotel Ayeyarwaddy: $40 for an AC twin, $30 for an AC twin if staying 2 nights. Internet in room, breakfast included.

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